10 meetings of 90 minutes.


  • Monday : 29-04 / 06-05 / 13-05 / 20-05 / 27-05

  • Thursday: 02-05 / 09-05 / 16-05 / 23-05 / 30-05

Time: 19:30hs (GMT +00:00) Western European Time - Lisbon

Minimum opening: 4 students

Fee: €120.-

In these courses, we focus on key skills to express yourself with confidence:

  • 🗣️ Temporal Expression: You will learn to communicate in the present, past, and future, allowing you to narrate your experiences and plan the future with ease.

  • 🤳 Personal and Family Description: You will be able to describe yourself and your family, establishing meaningful connections with those around you.

  • 🔄 Daily Routine: You will learn to talk about your daily routine, creating the foundation for everyday conversations and practical situations.

  • 🗺️ Location and Directions: You will develop the ability to locate yourself and ask for directions, facilitating navigation in any environment.

  • 💭 Future Planning: We will guide you in creating and expressing future plans, helping you articulate your goals and aspirations.

  • 👍 Likes and Preferences: You will acquire the linguistic tools to express your likes and preferences, fostering rich and diverse conversations.

  • Gmail Email: It is a necessary condition to use a @gmail email

Get ready to immerse yourself in an unique learning experience!